Anyone who’s ever walked into a room only to be met by the glare of full strip lights, or an unshaded lightbulb, will know just how important getting the right lighting in your home is. Lighting sets the tone – it can calm, uplift, and really make a huge impact on mood. Get the lighting wrong and you’ll soon notice you don’t enjoy spending time in a particular room. So, how do you go about making sure you get the right lighting?

First off you need to make sure you really understand what you want from a particular room. A living room may need to be well lit if it’s got a space where you work, but you might like to have alternative lighting when you want this room to take on a cosier feel. A mix and match lighting solution would work best here. So, a main ceiling light, and perhaps a couple of wall lights, standing lamps, and table lamps will help ensure you can get just the right level of lighting for this room.

Elsewhere in your home there may be places where you want to highlight certain features. Perhaps there’s a painting you’re particularly proud of – let it shine under a spot light. Create feature lighting in the bedroom to give the space an ambience perfect for sleeping and relaxing, and kit out your kitchen with lighting that will ensure you can see what you’re cooking and eating without straining your eyes.

Lighting isn’t always a quick fix solution – sometimes it can take a bit of trial and error to get your lighting sorted. To help keep you on track, always remember to take into consideration the use of the room you’re lighting, and the style and design of your home. That way, choosing the right lighting for your home should become a much easier experience.

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