Forbes & Lomax, Verdigris LED Compatible Rotary Dimmer Range

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Forbes & Lomax, Verdigris LED Compatible Rotary Dimmer Range

All Forbes & Lomax, LED Compatible Rotary Dimmer Switches fit into standard 35mm deep wall boxes with the exception of the architrave which requires a special wall box.

Below are some of the Forbes & Lomax, Verdigris Rotary Dimmer Switch combinations that we offer. 

* If the Rotary Dimmer Switch Configuration that you require is not listed, simply call a member of our sales team on 01666 829053, who we will be more than happy to assist you.

Product Description

Forbes & Lomax, Verdigris LED Compatible Rotary Dimmer Range

Inspired by ancient bronze artifacts, the verdigris range has a distinctive patina finish.

The plates are hand finished to produce a variable effect, making each plate unique.

LED compatible dimmers have a soft start which gives a gradual increase in the intensity of the light when switched on. This protects the lamp from the in-rush current and helps to extend the lamp life. These dimmers are programmable with three driving modes available to cover 90% of the LEDs on the market. This programmable mode allows you to optimise performance and reduce noise and flicker by adjusting the minimum brightness level.

These dimmers are suitable for up to 100W of dimmable LED lighting (max 10 lamps) or up to 250W of mains voltage incandescent and halogen bulbs, as well as good quality electronic low voltage transformers. Intelligent, self-resetting protection is included to protect the dimmer from overload. These dimmers are not suitable for use with wire wound transformers.

All dimmers are 2 way.

2 way or intermediate push on-off switches which resemble rotary dimmers, can be mixed with rotary dimmers to provide a uniform look.